Why TUPE should not put you off changing your service provider.

Why TUPE should not put you off changing your service provider.

This week I completed two cleaning site visits with a prospective customer. The customer is currently looking for a new cleaning provider as they aren’t satisfied with their current service. Both of the sites I visited were beautiful, one was an old converted Victorian house and one was a converted barn. Both of which will require special care and attention in different areas to ensure the cleaning is up to standard. For example, the converted barn has lots of old high beams which are a magnet for spiders and cobwebs, therefore we will ensure the team have suitable tools to reach the beams and pay particular attention to this area.

Whilst walking the site I try to get a better understanding of what is important to the customer. What areas are the prestige areas, what areas receive the most traffic and what cleaning tasks they would like us to complete. This allows me to build a bespoke specification based around the customer needs. Some customers like us to clean the inside of their fridges on a weekly basis and remove any out of date produce, whereas some customers feel this should be completed by their staff. The reality is there is no right or wrong answer it is all about what the customer would like.

As I was aware there was a current supplier cleaning the premises this then led me to ask about TUPE, the prospect of TUPE can worry a lot of customers and sometimes stop them from exploring changing a supplier out of concern around the TUPE implications. The truth is it doesn’t need to be worrying, and once you have agreed you would like to proceed with IPSERV, we will take care of the TUPE process.

TUPE typically applies if immediately before the ceasing of activities on the Customers behalf, those employees were an organised grouping of employees responsible for completing the activities concerned. This would be something IPSERV and the current supplier would work through together to determine if they believe TUPE is applicable. If it is applicable, we would then manage this process with our in-house HR department and onboard the employees.

Some customers also fear that this means their standards and cleanliness will not improve or change – wrong!

We have a brilliant team of Cleaning Managers, and Supervisors who provide the employee with additional support and training to ensure their practices are in line with our expectations and the British Institute of Cleaning Standards (BICS). We also manage every member of staff to their own KPI, this allows us to offer additional support where required and ensure praise is also rightly given to our hardworking teams.

If you currently have a cleaning supplier and aren’t happy with the service they provide, but are worried about switching companies due to TUPE, please don’t let this put you off, instead give us a call and we can help.

If you need help or support with any cleaning or other facilities management services, call our expert team today to discuss how we can help support your business. Call us now on 01473 432222 or email us at enquiries@ipserv.co.uk.

Abi Rainbird

Business Development Manager