Why having mobile cleaners is beneficial

Why having mobile cleaners is beneficial

Our mobile cleaners are an integral part of our team at Ipserv. Visiting multiple sites each day to provide cleaning services in and around Ipswich & Suffolk, they have allowed us to become more reactive to ad hoc work and challenges like sickness, whilst enabling us to pre-plan annual leave and giving us the ability to take on last minute cleaning requests from clients.

As Ipserv continues to grow, we have recently been successful in gaining a further three cleaning sites which are outside of Ipswich which provide us an opportunity to expand and take the cleaning service to other areas.

Our mobile cleaning team has increased to three members of staff – Pina, Tarina and Mongi – who are thriving in their role and being a great support to the service.  I am proud to share that they have gained their Licence to Practice from the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) which they all passed with flying colours which enables us to work smarter and safer within the industry. It’s a great achievement and a fantastic recognition for the skills they show daily. 

As a company, we have the flexibility to take on last minute ad hoc works. The team all adapt well to rota changes and are accommodating in the alterations to service that we make for our clients. We of course understand that staff are ill from time to time, but we ensure we have the capacity across the team to support our clients in keeping their premises clean by utilising our mobile cleaners.

We are building a connected and supportive team with the cleaners, mobile cleaners, specialist cleaners and management, and we all work together as a team and support each other every step of the way.

I am proud to manage the mobile cleaning team alongside my colleague Lee as they truly make our job a whole lot less stressful.

Anyway, enough from me, the mobile cleaners were keen to have their say, so please see their thoughts below on being a mobile cleaner at Ipserv.   

“I am a mobile cleaner for Ipserv working a full-time contract. I enjoy my job because of the variety of sites we work at, and I never know one day to the next where I will be working. The support I receive from my colleagues and managers is tremendous and the feeling of being a valued member of Ipserv gives me a happy demeanour and this in turn helps keep a smile on my face at every site I attend.”- Tarina Kear


“I used to be a cleaner for Ipserv but luckily, I had the opportunity to become a mobile cleaner. The role is totally different. The main positive for me is that I’m never in one place all the time and each week is different. I like meeting new people and going to new places to gain more experience. We have a good bonus of using a company van which is equipped with all the items we need. We are always allocated time between jobs to get from one site to another, meaning we get a mini break before starting again.”- Mongi Dhieb. 


“I enjoy working with Ipserv, no day is the same and I have busy and quiet days. I have been working with Tarnya as my manager for many years and she is amazing at her job and certainly cares for the employees and listens to them. Being a mobile cleaner is great and I enjoy going to see different people and places. I like making a difference and feel Ipserv is doing that within Ipswich.”- Pina Santoro

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Tarnya Finnegan-McKew

Cleaning Services Manager