What is Facilities Management and why your business should use an FM company?


What is Facilities Management?


To put it simply, Facilities management is split into two main areas: Hard Facilities Management (Hard FM) and Soft Facilities Management (Soft FM).

Hard FM deals with the physical assets of a building or site, such as plumbing, heating, ventilation, cooling, lifts etc. Soft FM, however, focuses on the physical activities performed by real people such as cleaning, waste disposal, payroll, security, and even the upkeep and maintenance of groundworks.

Facilities management can also refer to systems and software. Commercial buildings and places of work can generate large amounts of data and information through something called the Internet of Things (IoT). This data is generated within buildings from resources that are connected to the internet, things like security sensors, water and gas meters, or even smart devices.

Facilities management is therefore defined as the function which incorporates people, places, processes and technology within a particular environment or building that has the purpose of refining or improving the quality of the workplace for staff and customers while increasing the productivity of the business. Basically, facilities management can include everything from building maintenance to catering and cleaning services.


What Are Hard Facilities Management Services?


Hard FM services are essentially the maintenance and management of the physical aspects of a building including the structure and fixtures. Hard FM services include managing the processes and equipment of a business or a buildings infrastructure that are typically tailored with a specific purpose that is designed to meet the needs of a business while covering a range of physical management services. Hard facilities management providers typically offer responsive and pro-active maintenance and management services that meet the needs and requirements of a business or place of work.

Hard FM Services can include:

  • Building and structural maintenance.
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems.
  • Mechanical & electrical services.
  • CCTV systems.
  • Fire safety systems and equipment.
  • Access systems.


What Are Soft Facilities Management Services?


Soft FM services are particular services that provide a safe and secure environment for a business’s employees and customers. While soft services may be discretionary, they are very much a critical part in the operation of a successful business. Effective soft FM services provide a safer, cleaner and a more welcoming environment for those who use it, which in turn, leads to an increase in business productivity and profitability.

Soft FM Services can include:

  • Cleaning services.
  • Grounds maintenance.
  • Playground design and installation.
  • Security services.
  • Car park management and enforcement.
  • Waste management.


Why is Facilities Management So Important?


Facilities management services are a critical aspect of running a commercial business. Due to the wide variety of service choices available from hard and soft FM providers, choosing to subcontract building maintenance and management to an FM company will remove all the stresses and challenges businesses face when managing commercial premises. According to a Deloitte report on the role of a Facilities Manager, almost 75% agreed that facilities management has a substantial strategic impact on business operations.

Facilities Management service providers can help to:

  • Reduce costs and enhance investments.
  • Maintain environmental issues.
  • Manage government compliance.
  • Enhance site safety and reduce employee and customer risks.
  • Provide a welcoming and productive environment.


Why Use a Facilities Management company?


Fundamentally, all activities related to managing and maintaining complex processes and activities of a commercial business or property can be taken care of by a facilities management company. In order to manage the changing needs of any given organisation, an FM company has to play an assortment of roles.

Roles of a Facilities Management Company can include?

  • Ensuring compliance with government regulations.
  • Managing and maintaining security, health and safety, and environmental issues to best protect staff and customers.
  • Monitoring and managing all facets of building management and maintenance.
  • Ensuring customers receive the best possible service for any related expenditure.


Benefits of using a Facilities Management company?


Outsourcing facilities management to a dedicated FM company can have numerous benefits to ensuring a company or organisation achieves operational efficiency. Some of the benefits of working with a facilities management company can include:


By working with a single FM company, businesses will have a single point of contact for all your support and infrastructure requirements.


Subcontracting facilities management allows organisations to remain in total control of staffing levels according to the demand required for any given service provided.


All companies expect the best possible service for their expenditure. When investing in a facilities management company, businesses expect the best service possible. A dedicated FM company can provide flexible and expert staff for any service provided while improving the quality of service delivery.


Having a full-time facilities manager can add a significant cost to any company. By outsourcing your FM needs, you can be assured of working with the most professional and experienced staff for your expenditure, while having access to the latest technologies and guidance on industry regulations.


By outsourcing non-core business activities and services allows organisations to have a better focus on the core propositions or products and services provided by your business.


So why work with IPSERV?


Facilities management can be used to help businesses maximize their return on investment while establishing long-term advantages in their marketplace. At IPSERV we provide experienced and expert staff for all your FM needs while providing a streamlined service and one point of contact, ensuring operational efficiency and value-for-money. Contact us today to start a conversation about how we can support your business and help maximise your return on investment.


David Hollingsworth.

Marketing Manager.