Team Support

How working for Ipserv helped with my injury recovery. 

Tarnya our Cleaning Services Manager ruptured her achilles in April. Here is Tarnya story and how it was working for Ipserv during this time.

This was a difficult time for me and at a time where I was unsure how long I would have to be off work it is wonderful to feel supported and appreciated, especially by those we work with. I am grateful to say that I have been fortunate enough to receive a great deal of support from my company and staff. This has been especially true during difficult times when I needed it most.

One of the biggest ways my company has supported me is by ensuring that I did not have to worry about pay and the length of time off that I need. This has been invaluable, as it allowed me to focus on my recovery without the added stress of worrying about financial stability. Additionally, Ipserv has gone above and beyond in accommodating my needs, whether it be through flexible scheduling or providing resources to help me do my job more effectively.

But it’s not just my company that has made a difference in my work experience. My colleagues have also been incredibly supportive, offering encouragement and assistance whenever I’ve needed it. Their kindness and generosity have made my job so much more enjoyable, and I am grateful for their continued support.

Overall, I feel incredibly lucky to work for a company that values its employees and goes out of its way to ensure their success. The support and kindness I have received from both my company and colleagues have made all the difference, and I am excited to continue working with such wonderful people.