Suppliers Responsibility and Sustainability

Suppliers Responsibility and Sustainability

IPSERV is passionate about sustainable sourcing and works with suppliers that not only understand but actively sign up to these commitments too. Our supplier for cleaning chemicals and equipment is Lyreco and we have been working together to play our part in the fight against climate change.

When selecting procurement partners we value those that can not only perform to deliver great customer service, products and delivery but that can also add value and support our environmental objectives.

For our cleaning products we chose Lyreco who are a global provider of workplace products and who share our environmental goals.

They are focused on sustainability and the fight against climate change and have actioned projects including a solar panel installation at their Head Office in 2015, comprising of 13,860 panels which is the third largest installation in the UK to date and reduces their Carbon Footprint by 1,700 tonnes less CO2 per year.

IPSERV have chosen to align sustainability targets with that of Lyreco’s to fight for a common goal. Through the partnership that is in place the following objectives were set:

  • Reduce CO2 emissions through supplier consolidation and bulk buying
  • Use green certified, environmentally friendly products where possible
  • Combine supplier deliveries with recycling pickups for a closed loop solution

Using the above initiatives; IPSERV have managed to reduce CO2 emissions by almost half a ton to date, versus 2020.

This is equivalent to powering 5 homes for an entire year!

We look forward to continuing our fight against Climate change and protecting our planet along with our suppliers.

Tarnya Finnegan-McKew

Cleaning Services Manager