Our Commitment to Workforce Wellbeing

Our Commitment to Workforce Wellbeing

Wellness in our workplace is more than a statement on our website or a course that people attend, it is a genuine commitment to supporting our employees’ health and wellbeing. At IPSERV, wellness is a key element of our culture and is evidenced by the actions we take and by providing a workplace that looks to enhance health and wellbeing. We understand that life isn’t always smooth sailing, and to thrive people need to feel supported. As part of our commitment, we have put in place a range of services available to everyone at IPSERV – some for those experiencing difficulties and others designed to support good mental health and wellbeing.

Training for Managers

We’re providing our managers with mental health and wellbeing conversation skills training. Being proactive about mental health and promoting wellbeing is a fundamental part of our culture and we want to encourage open conversations. Providing training for our managers means that this is facilitated from the top down.

Mental Health First Aiders

We actively encourage our employees to speak up if they are facing any problems. Dedicated Mental Health First Aiders are available, and any employee can approach them to discuss any difficulties they are experiencing. Mental Health First Aiders are also trained to spot and appropriately respond to mental health issues in the workplace, supporting their peers.


Our Employee Assistant Programme, LifeWorks, is available to everyone at IPSERV including their families, providing 24/7 confidential support and advice. There is no charge for the service and the programme helps with managing both personal and work issues. Some of the topics available through LifeWorks include, family, health, life, money and work.

Suffolk Coaching and Mentoring Partnership

IPSERV has recently become a partner of the Suffolk Coaching and Mentoring Partnership (SCMP). All employees can access high quality coaching and mentoring, at no cost to them. Coaches are trained to at least an ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) Level 5 and mentors are trained to at least an ILM Level 3. Coaching and Mentoring provides many benefits, and particularly in relation to mental health and wellbeing it can make a positive difference to stress and anxiety, changing negative behaviour and self-confidence.


These are just some of the current services available to our employees’. At IPSERV our ongoing commitment to the wellbeing of our workforce means we will continue to review and improve the support and services we offer, to ensure there is the right support for all of our employees to access, as and when they need to.


Becky Willis

Operations and Business Development Director