No time, no problem… how we can help you with our facilities service offering.

No time, no problem… how we can help you with our facilities service offering.

When setting up a new business or trying to manage the day to day demands of your existing busines it can be hard to find time to review those important but sometimes forgotten contracts, such as your commercial waste or gritting. With other day to day priorities, businesses often do not review these contracts for some time which means they may be missing out on environmental benefits such as new recycling or green initiatives or cost savings.

I have recently had conversations with our clients regarding just this and have found it interesting to learn that often businesses do not review these contracts until a problem occurs with a “if it is not broken why fix it” approach.

With this information I have looked at different ways to approach businesses before they get to the “broken” stage and have found that one of the main benefits that I can offer is the range and variety of facilities management services that IPSERV provide. We offer our clients multiple services under one roof and can complete a multiple service review in one meeting. Following this meeting I will provide a comprehensive proposal and quote in a format that suits them.

This helps to maximise their time be discussing several services in one meeting and allows us to take care of the services that are essential to keep a business running like waste, litter and cleaning but may not be ones that always have a high focus day to day.

Some of the services that we offer within our commercial waste and industrial cleaning service are:

Commercial WasteIndustrial Cleaning
General wasteGraffiti removal
Dry mixed recyclingChewing gum removal
Food wasteBin cleansing
GlassMechanical sweeping
Skip hireLitter picking
Electrical wasteHigh-pressure washing
Graffiti removalDisinfecting
High-pressure washingGritting
Litter pickingRoadkill removal
Mechanical sweepingEmergency offensive waste removal
Event waste

By outsourcing to IPSERV it means our clients can focus on their business priorities safe in the knowledge that they have a trusted service being provided by a reputable and trusted company.

If you need help or support with waste, cleansing or other facilities service, call our expert team today to discuss how we can help support your business. Call us now on 01473 432222 or email us at

Omar Samuel

Business Development Manager