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Celebrating 3 Years as an accredited Living Wage employer

IPSERV have core values of ethical, innovative, trusted and quality which are values that we work to each day and are always present in the company’s decision making. Whilst IPSERV was already paying its employees the Living Wage, it wanted to make a commitment to continue to do this and to expand this expectation to our suppliers to ensure that when we are purchasing products or services from other companies, they also pay the Living Wage to their employees. IPSERV has been an accredited Living Wage employer for two years and in that time has seen the benefits to our own employees, in our procurement choices and for our existing and prospective customers. Being an accredited employer clearly shows our commitment to paying people a fair wage and is an example of how we deliver our values in our business.

Becky, Operations and Business Development Director.

Living Wage Employer | IPSERV - Facilities Management

Hear from our staff

Being a part of a company that pays the living wage is great, for the job that I do many employers pay minimum wage. The living wage incentivises me in my role and means I am able to provide for my family with minimal stress and worries.

Giuseppina, Mobile Cleaner

The living wage I receive from IPSERV, ensures I am not constantly worrying about the stress of getting enough wages to support my family and paying the family bills, I believe this encourages me to be loyal to the company and my frame of mind at work means I am not distracted worrying about household bills. I can give my full attention to work and ensure the customer receives a better service.

Tarina, Cleaner

When I first researched IPSERV when the Customer Service Manager role was advertised, I reviewed the companies core values in detail. Working for an Ethical company that treats its employees to a high standard has always been very important to me. As a manager of people, I understand by a company treating their employees to a high standard, this can improve an employees wellbeing and help to facilitate the company reaching its goals.  By IPSERV being a Living wage employee I have found it helps to keep morale high within the workforce, improves both mental and physical wellbeing of employees and ensures the quality of work employees complete is too high standard due to staff members taking pride in their work. For me, the benefits of IPSERV being a Living wage employee has been clear to see since my arrival and something that the company should be very proud of.

Thomas, Customer Services Manager

I am happy that I receive the Living wage from IPSERV, this makes me feel appreciated and shows me that my employers care. I am able to enjoy life and pay my bill, which saves me a lot of stress and worries.

Lee, Cleaner

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