Is printed media still relevant in an increasingly digital climate?

Is printed media still relevant in an increasingly digital climate?


More and more of us are now living our lives online with an estimated 80% of our time now spent in front of a screen. We are constantly bombarded daily with digital adverts, links and promotions. In this ever-evolving digital world, as businesses seem to be investing more and more into digital media advertising and campaigns, it could be easy to think that print no longer has a place or its days are numbered. However, data and statistics still prove otherwise. 

Print is all around us and printed media provides individuals with an emotional connection. It engages the senses through sight, touch and even smell in some cases. This enhanced emotional processing has a proven link with increased memory recall and brand association. 

Researchers conducted a Temple study, performing brain scans to compare the responses from printed media to digital media. Their most significant finding was that printed advertising activated the Ventral Striatum area of the brain which helps with decision making, motivation, desire and reward. 

Numerous studies have proven that printed media enables the reader to retain the information contained within better than with digital media. A study conducted in 2020 highlighted that when it comes to advertising, print drove a higher level of brand recall at 77% versus digital at 46% and 82% of consumers trusted printed advertisements the most when it comes to making purchasing decisions. 

The data all points to the fact that printed media is an incredibly powerful marketing tool which has been proven to encourage increased engagement, improved recall and better ROI. Therefore, it should not be disregarded and very much still has a relevant place amongst this new digital world. However, digital media is still important, especially for fast information broadcasting and instant access. 

Reports have highlighted that combining a good Print and digital campaign as part of the marketing strategy, can increase the campaigns effectiveness by 400%. Thus suggesting that printed media is just as important as digital media when implementing an effective marketing campaign. 

Matthew Buck

Design & Print Manager