Ipserv Secures CHAS Accreditation

Ipserv Secures CHAS Accreditation

We are excited to share the news that Ipserv has achieved CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) accreditation, marking a pivotal moment in the company’s journey as a leading provider of facilities management services in Suffolk. The accreditation, granted on the 29th of December 2023, emphasises our commitment to excellence, particularly in Health & Safety, spanning across multiple industries.

Securing CHAS accreditation is no small feat. We underwent a rigorous audit process, thoroughly examining our Health & Safety Policy, along with associated procedures, processes, arrangements, and records. The aim? To ensure we maintain the highest standards to safeguard employees as well as suppliers and customers.

The audit extended to our insurance policies, verifying the company’s comprehensive coverage to deliver its top-notch services safely. Our commitment to social value was also in the spotlight, acknowledging initiatives such as training and wellbeing programs, promoting diversity and inclusion, and addressing environmental concerns like climate change.

More than a recognition, CHAS accreditation serves as a symbol of excellence. It sets a benchmark for compliance, effectively minimising risks within the business and the workplace. Beyond regulatory adherence, CHAS accreditation plays a pivotal role in fostering efficient supply chain management.

For our existing clientele, CHAS accreditation instills increased confidence in the company’s unwavering commitment to safety and compliance. Additionally, it opens doors for prospective customers, positioning ourselves strategically for securing more contracts. This not only bolsters the future of the business but ensures the company aligns with ethical, sustainable businesses and suppliers.

Finally, our attainment of CHAS accreditation is a significant stride forward. It reflects not only a dedication to meeting industry standards but a commitment to surpassing them. Our pledge to the safety and well-being of its workforce, suppliers, and customers shines through, establishing a new benchmark for excellence in the industry