How we played out part in the Covid vaccination roll out

How we played out part in the Covid vaccination roll out

As a facilities company we look for opportunities to expand in the right way through a great reputation, excellent service, impeccable standards, and professional people.

At the end of 2019 the NHS were asking for companies in and around Suffolk to bid to provide services at a number of planned mass vaccination centres due to open in mid-February to support the roll out of the vaccination programme in East Anglia. The team at IPSERV got together to assess the opportunity and agreed that we had the expertise, management knowledge, right attitude and work ethic and of course it was the right thing to do to support the local areas we live and work in.

So, we threw our hat in the ring and were short listed as one of the potential companies to run the cleaning service in several of the new centres due to open. A few weeks later we learnt the amazing news that we had been successful in our bids for four of the sites in Suffolk and Essex and started to prepare mobilisation activities with a planned schedule over 8 weeks.

We then get the news that the programme is being rolled out at a greater pace than was originally planned and the dates are moved forward by a month! So, with a shrinking amount of mobilisation time what do we do? We get the IPSERV management team together, establish priorities, allocate tasks and make a commitment to achieve the new go live dates.

Long days follow with the team gearing up to meet the new shorter deadline for the opening of the centres. Site visits take place, followed by lots of planning, a large recruitment campaign, staff training, ordering stock and equipment, completing risk assessments and site specifications, a massive task for four sites in anyone’s book.

Did we ever doubt we could do it or were even capable of doing it? – No of course not.

Did we ever doubt we could meet the extremely high standards expected by the NHS? – No of course not.

Did we meet the deadlines and mobilise these complex sites to the extremely high standards expected by the NHS? Absolutely.

Today we clean four vaccination centres seven days a week to clinical cleaning standards with our teams working either end of the day with some cleaning at 4am and others are finishing at 11pm.

If you have had a Covid vaccination at a mass vaccination centre in Suffolk or north Essex, it is likely you have had this at a site cleaned by IPSERV, and can rest assured that the site has been cleaned to the highest possible standard. Providing a small but essential part in the vaccination response has been incredibly rewarding and the mobilisation of these sites further shows that we have the right people, knowledge and mindset to support our customers.

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Neil Black

Project and Contract Mobilisation Manager