We’ve introduced a brand-new ‘Spray Sanitisation’ system to our COVID-19 cleaning services.


Our comprehensive range of COVID-19 decontamination and cleaning solutions now includes a technological break-through in the fight against germs and viruses.


Since the pandemic outbreak, we’ve been helping local businesses in East Anglia fight back against COVID-19 using our innovative ‘spray sanitisation’ system which utilises the latest technologies to create a ‘mist’ that covers all open and hard-to-reach areas, eliminating harmful germs.


Our new sanitisation system also ensures the best possible decontamination by utilising market-leading, and environmentally friendly chemicals, which keep frequently used and high-touch point areas including hand-rails, door handles, taps, lifts, and IT equipment germ-free.


What is ‘Spray Sanitisation’?


Spray Sanitisation is a new ballistic spray technology which provides a controlled, targeted liquid layer application that creates a solid, even coverage over all surfaces, and can be used with a multitude of disinfectants and chemicals to provide varying levels of protection against infection.


Quickly and effectively disinfect frequently touched surfaces.



Germs on tap Germs on hand rail Germs on door handle







No harsh chemicals!


Due to the flexibility of our new ‘sprayers’ being able to operate with different chemicals and disinfectants, we’re able to use an anti-microbial surface cleaner that eradicates germs and keeps surfaces and touchpoints germ-free for up to 30 days, while forming an anti-microbial coating that bonds to surfaces, keeping your staff, visitors, and customers safe from harmful infections.  


Complete government compliance in staying COVID-19 secure.


When working with regulated facilities management company such as ourselves, you can rest assured and be guaranteed that we operate, and fully comply with all government guidelines related to dealing with and managing the risk of COVID-19.


On-demand targeted liquid-layer disinfectant spray.


Flexible first-class service.


Our experienced and reliable team of decontamination cleaning experts can be pre-booked or are available to support an immediate requirement that you have. Contact us today to discuss your COVID-19 decontamination and cleaning requirements to find out how we can support you in keeping your business, staff, and customers safe.


Why work with us for your COVID-19 decontamination and cleaning?


  • Bespoke specifications tailored to your site.
  • Trusted, professional and efficient team all with DBS checks.
  • Environmentally friendly products and innovative technology.
  • Rapid-response to COVID-19 incidents across East Anglia.


Read more about our COVID-19 Spray Sanitisation service here…


Danny Balaam.

Project and Contracts Mobilisation Manager.