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Our commercial waste company, Wastesaver, understands the modern day challenges of waste management and strive to develop innovative waste solutions for all sectors.


Every client has a unique requirement for the containment, collection, treatment and disposal of their commercial waste.

By carrying out a full audit of your waste, Wastesaver get a unique insight in to how your business operates. Enabling them to develop a high quality, legally compliant and competitive solution tailored to your needs.

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What we do

As standard, services are delivered in a way to help you increase your environmental performance, reduce your carbon footprint and save you money.

With more than 50 years’ experience and with Ipswich’s largest fleet of waste collection vehicles, Wastesaver offer an unrivalled local service you can trust.

General Waste

Wastesaver’s general waste collection service takes care of all non-recyclable waste produced by your business. A full range of containers and services are available from a simple bag collection, small wheeled containers, through to larger skips.

All your general waste will be taken to a state-of-the-art energy for waste plant where it will be used to produce electricity. No waste is sent to landfill. This shows their commitment to reducing not only their carbon footprint but yours too.

Most customers combine the general waste service with a recycling collection. This ensures your waste is segregated effectively, helping you to meet current waste legislation.

They also have specially designed event waste stations for general waste, plastic bottles and tin cans that provide an effective solution to event recycling, encouraging the public to recycle while at an event.


Mixed recycling

Wastesaver offer an easy to use and responsible mixed recycling solution. They accept all paper, plastic, card, metal and offer high standards of recycling with minimal fuss. Mixed recycling is taken to a state-of-the-art materials recovery facility where it is sorted and sent back into manufacturing.

Glass recycling

Wastesaver can collect mixed glass from your business in the special recycling bins that we supply. It’s a simple and cost-effective way of solving your glass disposal problem.

They also help you do your bit for the environment by removing any paper or tin from the glass, separating it into three main colours and sending to glass manufacturers. The glass is melted down and formed into new bottles and jars – sometimes within 30 days.

Wood recycling

Wastesaver provide a reliable, professional wood waste collection service, collecting a variety of products including broken and non-returnable pallets, timber joists, doors, fencing and sheds.

All waste wood is either reused or sent to be shredded for use as a bio-fuel for power generation.

Green waste recycling

If you are a landscaper, professional gardener, local authority or anyone producing a large amount of green waste, Wastesaver can offer a service to dispose of it for you without any of it going to landfill.

They collect green waste, which is processed to become high quality compost or soil improver; helping the environment and reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.

Clinical Waste

Wastesaver’s clinical waste service provides collection, secure and traceable treatment and final disposal, including incineration, for the full range of healthcare waste.

They conduct an analysis of your waste streams to identify the volume and types of waste generated and then design a bespoke clinical waste recycling collection service that best fits your operation.

They then provide you with colour coded and clearly labelled sacks and containers for the separation of individual clinical waste streams.

Special Collections

Any items not collected as part of the normal commercial waste collection can be disposed of and recycled through a special collection service.

You can be assured your items will be processed to a high environmental standard and not shipped abroad or fly-tipped. Special collections are competitively priced.

The disposal of electrical items such as computers, printers, photo-copiers and TVs is covered by strict legislation. Wastesaver’s special collection service can help you with all of your waste collection problems. They also collect other items such as office furniture, wood, carpets, metal, glass and shop fittings.

They can arrange collections of large volumes of waste, for example when your waste compactor has broken down, after an office clear-out or when you are refitting your business’s interior.

Skip Hire

Wastesaver can supply 4, 8, 12 and 14 cubic yard open and enclosed skips for general waste, wood, glass, paper and card, hardcore/soil mixed, green waste and metal.

Events and festivals

Wastesaver offer on-site waste management for large-scale open-air events such as festivals and concerts, providing recycling and general waste bins and collection.

They can provide specially designed waste stations for events to help segregate general waste, plastic bottles and tin cans. These are an effective and easy way to encourage the public to recycle while at an event

They can also provide additional support, including litter picking, toilet cleaning and mechanical sweeping to keep the site clear of rubbish throughout the duration of your event.

Pre-paid sacks and stickers

For many businesses, Wastesaver’s cost-effective pre-paid sack or sticker service is the best way to get rid of rubbish when you do not have the space for a waste container.

o Green sacks for light general waste from retailers and offices;
o Clear sacks for mixed recycling;
o Cardboard stickers to dispose of your flat-packed cardboard.

The price of the sacks/stickers also covers the collection and disposal of the waste. There are no hidden charges and no wasted time.

Businesses can pre-order and pay for sacks and stickers in advance.

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